By Liligance 22/07/2020

Bridal Shoe Models You Can Wear Again  

The wedding is one of the most costly events. List starts with wedding gown, wedding venue and then without you even realizing you are over your wedding budget.

One of the costs is the shoes which is essential to complete the bridal look. It is the common truth that for us women, a shoe is more than a shoe it is a fashion statement. I am pretty sure that there are a lot of women out there who has a shoe only wear once maybe even unworn in their closet. So why not wear the wedding shoes not just once? If you decide such a model that you can wear more than once you will be relieved from the regret of paying such price for your dream shoes!

If you have a job requires business casual style and you chose clothes you usually combining with heels, than you are one of the luckiest women. Finding a model you can wear again will be easier for you. Since you limit the glitter most models will work for you.

Your Daily Routine

Maybe you can consider flats rather than heels in your wedding so your job will be easier. Flat shoes can easily integrate your daily life than heels. Besides with a flat shoe your feet will be more comfortable.

Color of the shoe is also important, wearing white with wedding dress is not popular as used to be so consider another color especially muted ones seem so chick and elegant. Also a white shoe can be hard to combine with daily clothes than other colors.

The Model You Want to Wear

Wedding Venue & Season

Certainly wedding venue and season will affect your bridal shoe choice. If you choose open toe sandals for your indoor summer wedding later you can wear them in other special occasions.

If you dream for a beach wedding  you will probably chose sandals so you can wear again those beautiful sandals later.