By Liligance 01/11/2021

Meet The Wedding Photographer from Nashville 

Celladora Photography  was founded as a wedding photography brand in Nashville in 2010 by John Yates. 

They are chasing after the genuine moments in your big day. Their speciality is to make you feel comfortable in front of cameras.

His clients call his personal style of photography: timeless, classic, personal and relaxed. 

Welcome to my blog and thank you very much for your participation. As we all know this year due to pandemic a lot of industries suffered and wedding industry is one of the most affected one. So how did pandemic affect your business?

I am sure this photo made you go WOW!


Then let me introduce you the photographer Celladora Photography!

John and his team are focusing attention to each and every detail.

While you are living the moments, he carefully capture them and makes you feel like you were frozen in time while you are looking at your photos. 


I had great opportunity to have an interview with him so let’s get into that!

The pandemic has definitely affected the whole wedding industry. Many of my 2020 weddings needed to be rescheduled due to restrictions. Thankfully I was able to work with all of my couples to make sure I was available on their new date. I am hopeful for the vaccine and that we will be able to get back to normal soon.

What was your biggest struggle you went through this year? 

Uncertainty. I am a planner and like to know what is going to happen and when. Learning to be more flexible and adapt were common themes this past year. With the time off from wedding reschedules I practiced new skills and added new offerings to my business to benefit my couples.

Let’s talk about your photography style, i find it very sophisticated and personal like you were actually always in the every moment. How do you define your photography style?

I love documenting love and friendship and family.  I love focusing on real emotion and capturing subtle details.  I really like to get in close at weddings to not only show what it looked like to be at the wedding but also what it felt like.  I don't consider myself a true photojournalist because I will tweak things (like moving a water bottle from behind couples while we are taking portraits) and will give couples direction to help them feel more natural in front of the camera.

Do you have a perfect customer definition in your mind?

Any couple that connects with my work, would be down to grab a drink with me and wants to see me out on their dance floor with them is my ideal client!

With a lot of options to choose from newly engaged couples often struggle how to choose wedding photographer. What are the advices you can give for future brides while they are booking wedding photographers? 

Yes definitely! The engagement session gives you a great opportunity to get to know your photographer and for your photographer to get to know you. I love this time because it can be fun and laid back and really helps develop a relationship prior to the wedding day. 

I look at your photos and, even ,probably with a lot of people around somehow  you found most secluded areas. How can you find/choose spots for photo shooting?

I spend a lot of my "free time" scouting out new locations. I love exploring so this is one of my favorite parts of my job. I'm generally looking for where the light will be best for my couple so I have several apps on my phone that I use to determine the position of the sun in locations at the time we will be shooting. I try to keep a pretty big database of potential locations for couples portraits and am always adding to it.

Every year we see a couple of poses for couples became very popular. What are we expecting for the photography trends for weddings this year?

One thing that I have seen recently that I LOVE is couples having a private last dance together before their exit. While all of their guests are getting set outside for the farewell or send off, the couple can spend a few minutes alone in their venue dancing to one of their favorite songs. 

Lastly, What are your tips for shy brides/grooms?

Embrace your shyness! Don't try to be someone you aren't. The wedding day is about you and your relationship. Make it an accurate reflection of that. Regarding photos... Most everyone (except professional models) is shy in front of the camera. Give yourself time during your photo session to get comfortable. Find a photographer who can help bring out the best possible version of you and give you the photos you are wanting. I love to put my couples in great light and then give them fun prompts so their photos look natural and candid. I want the couples I photograph to look back at their wedding photos years from now and remember how much fun they had.

I hope you enjoy reading our interview with John Yates from Celladora Photography. I enjoyed it very much and gather helpful tips.Don't forget to visit his website and book your spot!

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Definitely we all are hoping for that.

We all have our stories about how we choose our profession, what is yours? How did you decide to be a wedding photographer?

I fell into wedding photography by accident. I've always enjoyed taking photos but never thought I would be a professional wedding photographer. Several of my friends asked me to take photos at their weddings and I was instantly hooked. I love being able to travel and capture couples love stories. It really is a dream job for me!

I think it is so nice of you to share them with their happy moments on the dance floor. This is what we need human connection. Especially these days.

One of the questions for couples bothering them is engagemnt photography. Do you think couples should use the same photographer for engagement photos and wedding day photos? Are there any advantages for both sides to be taken photographs by the same photographer?

When looking through photographer's portfolios ask yourself can you see yourself in the photos that they take? Do you connect with their editing and posing style? Find a photographer that you connect with (schedule a phone or skype call before booking!). Ask to see a full gallery from a wedding at a venue similar to yours.