By Liligance 08/18/2020

Bridal Accessories That Will Elevate Your Look At Your City Elopement

Because of the pandemic, most of the couples decided to postpone their wedding and choose a smaller wedding. If you are one of them we have great style ideas for your city style elopement.

You can be look minimalist and chic at the same time for your courthouse wedding. Even if you decide more casual look, with some basic bridal accessories your look will elevate and you will look like a real bride without wearing a wedding gown.

You can choose one of these accessories or combine them according to the look you want to achieve.

A veil is essential for a bridal look. When people imagine of a bride veil must be the second item that came into their mind after a wedding dress. Since you decide not to wear a traditional wedding dress veil can be good to have to say people around you “you are the bride”.

You should consider one of the short veil types because long veils have more formal look.  You can check our veil type article if you want to learn more about veil types.



Especially birdcage veils are perfect for courthouse weddings. They have, chic, stylish and flirty looks and they are one of the top choices of city brides.


2. Bridal Sash

3. Bridal Bouquets

Bouquet is another essential element for a bridal look. Also flowers are so beautiful and they work together with the white in the photos. You can use your bouquet in a lot of different ways in your photos.

For your courthouse elopement, clean and modern lines are perfect.  You can reflect your own personality through the flowers. Delicate mini bouquets or single stemmed flowers are great choices for minimalist bride especially peonies and roses according to season. If you want to add some fun you can choose more vivid colors.


Rhinestone,pearl or glass bead embellished belts are great idea to add some sparkle to your simple white dress.  They will enrich your elegance and bring your dress together.

4. Bridal Gloves

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If you are looking for a statement piece with the touch of vintage style lace bridal gloves might be the one you looking for. They are pretty and feminine, perfect for a romantic vintage city bride.

Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash