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Destination Elopement Izmir : Historical Sites

If you are looking for a different location to elope we suggest you to visit our beautiful city İzmir Turkey. İzmir has so much to offer you. After you elope at one of the cities beautiful sand beaches you can continue your honeymoon and enjoy the activities city offers you.

İzmir is located on the shores of Aegean Sea, west side of Turkey. It has a beautiful mild Mediterranean climate and it is sunny almost all year. Izmir has a lot of blue flagged beaches along its 629 km of coastline. That means you have a lot of opportunities to have an intimate elopement on a little bay where is off the beaten path. There are a lot of seaside districts in Izmir where you can watch the sunset and afterwards enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

With this second article about the places you can elope in Izmir we would like to cover historical heritage of the city. We will tell you more about the most important historical sites of Izmir.

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Ephesus is one of the most iconic historical sites of Turkey. It is also one of the best preserved ancient city word wide. Ephesus was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015.

When you walk on the stone roads of the ancient city you will feel like you are time travelling. Elopement in Ephesus can be a really unique experience, with all those ancient statues, buildings and a big amphitheatre surround around you. With Izmir’s bright sun and open sky you will feel like a Roman aristocrat and everybody gather to celebrate your wedding!


2. Bergama (Pergamon)


Pergamon ancient city is one of the most important settlements in civilization history. Parchment paper was discovered in Bergama. The first healing temple was founded in Bergama in the name of the god of medicine Asklepios.

In the ancient city, among the beautiful and majestic columns you can day dream about ancient people’s lives with your beloved partner.

Remains of Red Basilica you will find a beautiful synthesis of Roman and Ancient Egyptian heritage. 

In the Asklepion, you will feel the healing energy running through your veins. The hundreds of people who had came to seek a cure and healed will send their blessing to your marriage through ancient times to today.

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