By Liligance 01/18/2021

Meet The Wedding Photographer from

Southern California 

Holly Castillo photography is based in Southern California and also open to travel any location. She is a very kind and lovely person, people who work with her decribe her as easy going. If you have a list of photo shots you want no worries, or if you are a person who just want to live the moment and don't want to think much about the photos again no worries. Holly covers you anyway!

Welcome to my blog and thank you very much for your participation. What do you think about the effects of the pandemic to the wedding industry? How did pandemic effect your business?

Let me introduce you the person behind this shot full of love, 


She is Holly Castillo, from Holly Castillo Photography!

Since weddings are a service based industry, all vendors were hit hard by the pandemic as couples decided to postpone their weddings in 2020. I did get to photograph a few micro weddings safely, with the guests wearing masks and only a few people. Those were definitely fun and I really enjoyed them, but it was a slow year for sure!

What was your biggest struggle you went through this year? 

The biggest struggle was having to communicate with my couples who were planning to get married, talking about cancelling or moving their wedding dates. It was just a sad process and we were all affected.

Let’s talk about your photography style, how do you define your photography style?

My style is colorful and classic, meaning I try to edit and create in a way that won't go out of style. I love vibrant and natural colors that take you back to the place and time that the photo was taken!

Do you have a perfect customer definition in your mind?

A perfect client is someone who values me and recognizes the hard work I'm doing. Photography isn't just clicking a button, there's a lot of post processing work and boring business type work that is extremely hard and time consuming. I hope that my client's recognize that!

With a lot of options to choose from newly engaged couples often struggle how to choose wedding photographer. What are the advices you can give for future brides while they are booking wedding photographers? 

 How do you find/choose spots for photo shooting?

think after doing photography so long I just start to see where the light looks best. I encourage my couples to tell me what kinds of images or locations they want and like, and then I go from there to find it!

What do you expect about the weddings this year?

Microweddings for sure! Even after the pandemic slows down and venues open up again, I think a lot of couples are planning on smaller weddings to reduce costs and stress.

Lastly, What are your tips for shy brides/grooms?

love working with shy brides and grooms, I always say you don't have to be a model to be photographed. I don't overly pose my couples, I prefer to let them just be in their own moment and talk to each other and laugh, and I stand in the background without trying to get too involved or in their face.

I hope you enjoy reading our interview with Holly Castillo from Holly Castillo Photography. I enjoyed it very much, at least we had to chance connect online. Don't forget to visit her website for more lovely photos!

All the photographs on this page are the intellectual property of Holly Castillo Photography.

I know you are always interested in photography. How did you decide to be a wedding photographer?

I was always interested in photography as a hobby and a passion, but I never planned to do weddings. I started doing family photography around 2015, and then a family friend asked me to photograph her son's wedding so I did. I loved it SO MUCH and I just kept going from there.

My best advice is to find someone whose style you love even if the budget isn't quite right. I work very hard to create custom packages for my brides and grooms to work within their budget if possible. I can help with that, but I can't and don't want to change my style or who I am as a person.

I think it helps to get to know a photographer before your wedding date, even if that's just chatting over video. I have a lot of couples who are gifted engagement sessions by family or friends and I definitely think they should use that if available! There's pros and cons.

One of the questions for couples bothering them is engagemnt photography. Do you think couples should use the same photographer for engagement photos and wedding day photos?