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Meet The Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Jacob Cabral

Jacob Cabral is not your average photographer, he wants to be there for you as your friend. He is not only a photographer but also a music educator, he feeds his artistic side  from a lot of sources. He is based in the Bay Area of California.


Welcome to my blog and thank you very much for your participation. As we all know this year due to pandemic a lot of industries suffered and wedding industry is one of the most affected one. So how did pandemic affect your business?

Such a creative shot!


Jacob Cabral is the creater of this photo.

He is fun and easy to be around also he knows the best location for the most romantic engagement photos in San Francisco.

I had the opportunity to have a very warm and sincere interview with him.


So without further ado let's check our interview.

The pandemic has forced me to cancel my 2020 weddings during the usual wedding season. I am still affected today because couples are unsure about how things will pan out this upcoming wedding season in 2021. Despite the decline in work, I was fortunate enough to have safely shot a couple of engagement sessions and "COVID-19 weddings" through the pandemic. Even though I miss shooting big weddings, the small, intimate weddings have taught me to be grateful for family, friends, and the little things in life. In the end, the biggest takeaway, for me, is that small weddings can mean so much more and can be just as fun when compared to the usual big weddings!  

What was your biggest struggle you went through this year? 

Aside from the obvious- not getting any bookings and canceling bookings due to the pandemic, my struggle throughout the year was setting up styled sessions! Yes, some of it has to do with the pandemic and contacting others, but I some of it has to do with myself. What do I mean by that? Well, artist can sometimes be too hard on themselves, including myself. I over think things because I want perfection, and this leads to insecurity. I would constantly ask myself: Am I good enough for this? What if people do not like my ideas? What if I am not the leader type?...A lot of "What ifs", but in the end, it's about the experience and getting content out there! I will strive to set up multiple styled sessions this year!

Let’s talk about your photography style. How do you define your photography style?

I like to think that my style is more on the film or "true to color" style.   If there was a graph between "light and airy" and moody, I would place my style leaning more on the "light and airy", film side! I love taking candid photos and documentary stills when I have the chance..

Do you have a perfect customer definition in your mind?

A perfect customer, to me, is any customer who is just an overall good person whom I can vibe with! I do not mean to be super blunt, but in the end, no one is perfect, and I respect that idea so much! Connection is what makes us perfect.

With a lot of options to choose from newly engaged couples often struggle how to choose wedding photographer. What are the advices you can give for future brides while they are booking wedding photographers? 

.      I HIGHLY recommend it! The engagement shoot is the perfect time to get to know your photographer and get comfortable with him or her. I had a friend ask me to shoot his wedding because he felt comfortable with me rather than hiring someone else. Aside from the photos and talent, this is really what it is about, the connection between the photographer and the client! This is what makes the experience a memorable one.

It depends on what the couple wants, but for me personally, I love consistency and would want that in my final album. If a consistent album is what a client is looking for, I would recommend hiring one photographer for both the engagement and wedding.


How can you find/choose spots for photo shooting?

If you see photos that you like on Instagram, check out the geotag location! You can also directly message the photographers and ask them where they shot specific photos. Most of the time, they are chill about it! I am also a firm believer that wherever there is good lighting, there is a good spot for photos.  

 What are we expecting for the photography trends for weddings this year?

Good question, this is always unpredictable. The past couple of years, I feel that the trend was the western influence, with the pampas grass, dried flowers, and over neutral colors. I feel that now, it is more on the 80's or 90's retro side with the funky shaped cutouts and unique pastel color palette! I always check out Junebug Wedding blogs to see what is trending.

Lastly, What are your tips for shy brides/grooms?

This goes back to my answer on one of the previous questions! If you find a photographer you are comfortable with, they will bring the best out of you! 

I hope you enjoy reading our interview with Jacob Cabral from Jacob Cabral Photography. I enjoyed it very much. Don't forget to visit his website and book your spot!

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I know this question is kind of cliche :) but how did you decide to be a wedding photographer?

Always a great question. My mom is a hobbyist photographer. In my youth, she had set up a studio in our garage and even started a photobooth business which still exist today! We had the backdrops, lights, cameras, and very now and then we would do family pictures in garage. To be honest, as a little kid, I DREADED those days! However, with me being surrounded by cameras, I decided to borrow one of her cameras, the Canon Rebel xti. I would take it with me when I went biking or skateboarding with my friends. I was amazed at how the camera can capture things differently than what I was seeing with my eyes- The depth, color, etc. I am still very amazed! It was then when I started picking it up photography as a hobby, and yes, I was shooting everything in "auto mode" thinking I was a "professional". I would eventually start posting these photos on Flickr and then to Instagram, where most of my friends would follow me. I eventually would learn how to shoot manual mode and even with film! I was shooting basically everything, landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits. A couple of friends who were getting engaged noticed my work on Instagram and asked if I could shoot their engagement photos. I was a bit nervous at first and even had to look up poses online DURING the shoot, but after all was done, I was SO happy and knew I wanted to go this route with couple's photography. After shooting a good amount of engagement sessions, I wanted to dip my feet into wedding photography. I had the opportunity to shoot an amazing wedding with an amazing lead shooter, Annamae (, and one month later, I was fortunate enough to shoot one of my friend's wedding. And the rest was history!

One of the questions for couples bothering them is engagemnt photography. Do you think couples should use the same photographer for engagement photos and wedding day photos? Are there any advantages for both sides to be taken photographs by the same photographer?

 Not only should you look for a photographer whose work you like, but ESPECIALLY, look for one who you are comfortable with! If you find a photographer that does not have any sort of consultation before booking, that might raise a red flag.

I can definetly relate with that!

Fickle of fortune, in a good way!

We need human connection more than ever these days.