By Liligance 28/09/2020

Engagement Celebration &

 Save the Date Photo Session Inspiration

If you wish you can have engagement photos and save the date photo shooting sessions separately or together. When we view the photo shooting sessions people had, they prefer having fun during the save the date shooting,  they usually prefer a theme they like and dress up accordingly while engagement sessions are more intimate and reflects the intensive love of the couple.

The photos taken during the save the date session usually are used as cards to send out the  guests forehand before the wedding invitations so that guest can reserve the wedding date for you. Also those cards work as souvenirs from you to your loved ones.

If it is possible have the photo shooting session just after your engagement, before all wedding planning stress possess you. Your emotional state will remain on your face and reflect your photos.

Finding a theme will be a perfect opportunity for you to show your personality as a couple, to achieve that prefer an activity both of you can enjoy. This will result with great photos.





Photos with Themes

Some Easy to Follow Suggestions to Achieve Best Photos

What is the Difference Between Save the Date and Engagement Photo Session?


  • The props written on your date, love words or fun quotes. Small chalkboards can be very useful for that purpose.

  • Outdoors! Seaside, forest or even a park. Daylight is the most important element for beautiful photos.

  • Food! It is up to you, if you wish you can prefer wine, cheese and olives, classic and beautiful idea or you can prefer bakery good for a more home like cozy feeling. Food always makes you feel good.

  • And last but not least a romantic kiss!











Let your creativity flow.  You can create a scene from your favorite movie or a certain period and dress up like that.





Photos with Outdoor Activities

The Photos with Pure Romance

A tent lightened with small led lights or a seaside at night with candles and bonfire, these are your must have items to achieve ultimate romantic photos!



Let Us Give You the Perfect Formula for Perfect Photos


If you both enjoy outdoor activities you can reflect this joy to people through your photos.