By Liligance 05/01/2020

Photography ideas that will inspire Valentine's Day Brides 

1-Red Details

You can choose red roses which became a symbol of Valentine's day, for your bridal bouquet or in your botunieere. Also you can wear res shoes as a bold choice or complete with your look with other red accessories.

2-Use Red Probs During Your Photo Shooting

If you have any garden you have around which has red roses take advantage of this opportunity and take a couple of photos there. Umbrellas are commonly used in the wedding photographs especially if you are getting married in a rainy day they came in handy. With a red umbrella choice you can get in Valentine's day spirit. Using red color in your photos will create a lively contrast with your white dress.


3- Photos full of Romance

Valentine's day is all about love and showing it to the person who we love in the most romantic ways we could. When it comes to romance, i don't know why me and a lot of people find very romantic kissing under the rain. I guess we could all agree the sceene from Notebook movie that they are kissing under the rain when they are turning from the little lake trip is one of the most romantic sceenes of the movie.