By Liligance 09/13/2020

Fall Wedding Color Palette Inspiration

Fall is all around us. It is the time that all of our surroundings turn into warm, rich, earthy tones. Great time for a backyard small wedding.  You can achieve a beautiful color palette for your intimate small wedding with minimum effort thanks to what Mother Nature provides for you.

Choosing color palette can be really hard. There are lots of lots of beautiful color tones to choose from. Try to stick with muted tones of the colors, you should always be the star of the event and also lightning effects colors shiner colors can be brighter under some certain kind of lightings, like fluorescent lamp. So better to keep in mind.

This color palette features burnt sienna and some natural earthy tones company to it.  This color palette will look great with bohemian, barn vibe weddings. Live edge wood banks, burlap table runners and dried herbs can be perfect with this color palette.


2. Sage

3. Burgundy

This rich deep red color is both great fall and winter wedding. You can complete it with olive green from complementary color of red. Burgundy bridesmaids dresses can be perfect especially according to season velvet fabric will be dreamy.

1.Burnt Sienna

Sage is our new favorite. With this color palette you can choose a bouquet arranged with greenery, taupe bridesmaids dress and neutral color decorations. This color palette makes you achieve more classic look while it is looking coherently with the season.

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