By Liligance 02/15/2021

Plan Your Small Wedding in Central Park New York 

Happy Monday and happy new week! This week my guest in the blog is Claire from Wed in Central Park. She helps you plan your dream ceremony in Central Park New York. It is simpler and cheaper than you might think. Let's learn more about this iconic and lovely place and get to know Claire better.

Welcome to my blog and thank you very much for your participation. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I’m British, I moved to New York in 2011, and I got married in Central Park.  I’m mum to a five year old and a seven year old and I run this business around their schedule.  I love my two jobs of mother (full time) and wedding planner (part time).

How did you get into wedding planning?

I got married in the Ladies’ Pavilion in Central Park.  Planning my own wedding was what gave me the idea to start this business.  I was a foreigner working out what paperwork I needed to get married, and who I wanted to be involved in my wedding, and it occurred to me that there might be others who wanted to get married in Central Park who needed a little help.  So,                                               was born.

Who is your target market?

Everyone!  We see lots of different weddings in Central Park.  There are                                     , with just the couple with the photographer as their witness, or we have                 

with just a handful of guests, or quite big weddings with maybe fifty or sixty people.  I have planned weddings which are very low budget, and weddings which are huge and lavish affairs with much celebration in fancy New York establishments.  I  do             

  and straight we  I do short and sweet ceremonies, ceremonies where couples write long lists of promises for each other, I do traditional ceremonies, I do ceremonies where a guest sings or reads a poem, ceremonies with a surprise for one or both of the couple.  I do dressed-up super-fancy weddings, I do weddings where the couple both wear jeans. I have planned weddings for very young couples, some who have been together less than a year, for couples who have recently had children together, and those who have older children together, and for those who have been married before.  Each one is unique, and that is one thing I really love about my job.  What they all have in common is that they take place in this stunningly beautiful, iconic and historical public park in the centre of one of the world’s finest and craziest cities.

What's your absolute favorite thing about working with couples, and about weddings in general?

I love seeing the wedding photos of the couples I have helped get married.  I get to know them a little as we make the plans, and I hear their stories, and I help them to write the vows they will say to each other as they make these huge promises to each other.  I like to keep in touch with couples when I can, and I like seeing little snippets of their lives as a couple.  This reminds me that the wedding day is the first day of their marriage.  It is a privilege for me to be a part of the first day of so many marriages, and to make the first da go so smoothly, but of course their marriage is what is most important.

When someone thinks about your business and brand, what do you want them to remember about you and your company?

All the photographs on this page are the intellectual property of Wed in Central Park.

Tell us the top three top selling points for getting married in Central Park.

It’s iconic – everyone will be able to tell where you got married from just a glimpse at your beautiful and unique wedding photos.

It’s cheaper than you might think – it’s outside and if you keep things fairly simple you can get married in New York on a surprisingly low budget.  Check out our 

It’s in New York – after a wedding ceremony in Central Park this fantastic city is yours to celebrate in – with all the choices it offers for a wide range of tastes and budgets.

I would like them to know that my business is my baby, and my labour of love.  I truly enjoy it, and it is something between a job and a hobby for me.  I really take pride in delivering excellent value.  I have refined my planning process over the years that I have been doing it, and it gets slicker all the time, and by that I mean that there are certain things that I think are important enough to tell couples several times during the process, to make sure they have taken it in, or that I ask certain questions right at the beginning, and work my way through the fiddly little bits towards the end.  I am always trying to get better at the communications part of the planning process.  Also, the people I work with are all completely amazing, brilliant and committed to what they do.  Since I started this business I have made connections with lots of new people; I work with several officiants, photographers, videographers, musicians, hair and makeup artists and florists.  I always ask for feedback from clients and I have stopped working with some suppliers who did not get great feedback.  I fully trust everyone who I work with the deliver their very best for my clients’ weddings.  The service providers that I work with are the very best I can find for the prices I charge.  So, it is the high quality service for the best possible price that I want people to remember. 

Really try to envisage your wedding day, step by step.  When you a trying on clothes or shoes, or looking at bouquets, think about wearing or carrying them all day.  When you are choosing where and what to eat, think about what you enjoy and what your guests will enjoy.  And possibly the most important tip is to make a plan of timings.  Think about when things might get rushed and when you might get stressed.  Think about how much time you want to spend on the go and as center of attention and how much time you want to be alone with your partner or your other nearest and dearest.  That will help you to decide on what sort of wedding you want and where your priorities are.

What tips or advice can you give to couples who are in the midst of wedding planning?


For more information to help you with planning your own Central Park wedding, with photos just about anywhere in New York, visit Wed in Central Park’s website, or "like" them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and follow them on Pinterest where you will find lots of lovely photos and many more inspiring stories of real weddings.