By Liligance 06/14/2021

What Should You Pack for the Beach
for Your Seaside Honeymoon?

Most of the couples like 95% of them prefer a seaside honeymoon. In the search of romance and seclusion Maldives are one of the most preffered destinations. And for the Europe Greek Islands are on most people's bucket list.
If your travel plans are ready, but still don't know what to pack for your honeymoon to beautiful sunny seaside cities I've got your back.


Cover-ups are most versatile part of the summer fashion, you can use almost anything as cover-up, options are almost endless but I've collected this year's most stylish pieces. 
You've probably already chosen your bikinis and you need something to cute put on your bikini while walking around, sitting at the beach bar drinking your cocktail or walking from the hotel to the beach or pool side.
This year's outstanding cover up styles are crochet or knitted dresses and caftans. Kimonos are still going strong.
Pack 2-3 different style cover-ups suitable for every occasion, for example for a daily boat tour you can wear these loose knit dress or fringed crochet to enjoy the trip and sunbathing in style and for a daily basis you can choose a white or black dress.
Tip! If you choose something with less sheer material you can walk around the town comfortably in it.

Hats, Sunglasses, Bags and Sandals

When it comes to accessories to wear at the beach some of them are more of a necessity other than just an accessory like hats , glasses and a bag.
Straw is one of the best material still to choose as a hat or a bag. Products made from straw are very sturdy and durable and they can withstand harsh conditions at the beach. You can also choose canvas as hats and also bags.
Bag can be seem like not a necessity at first glance but, items you need to take with you to the beach can add up so a beach bag is definitely is a good idea.
I also strongly recommend to you to take a look at our newest addition, boho barefoot anklets, with those elegant anklets you will continue to feel like a bride on your honeymoon too!

Must Have Beach


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Tips for Choosing the Right Clothes

1. If you are travelling from rather cold weather beware! Tropical climate and mediterranean weather can be really hot during summer time. If you are travelling to a tropical climate better check the seasons before travelling. Pack your lightest and natural material clothes like cotton and linen.
2. Consider location, activities if you are planning to enroll some spesific activities like succuba diving you might need some extra items, resorts have rental options for all necessary equipments but it is better to check than feel sorry later.
3. If you are planning to spend most of your time at the beach don't forget to pack more than one swimsuit.

Wanna continue to feel like a bride during your honeymoon?