By Liligance 02/05/2021

You Don't Have to Wear a Dress as Bridal Look

Traditionaly brides wear dresses for wedding. But If you want  something untraditional, I searched some very modern, elegant, crisp and cool bridal apparels for you from my fellow small business owners 

Since small weddings are still a must and maybe you are leaning towards to an elopement or courthouse wedding these looks can be perfect. Maybe in your heart you always want to try something different like a white suit but afraid of the guests' opinion. Now is the perfect time for try something alternative.

I gather some beautiful wedding apparels for you suitable for every taste and style. I choose the dresses from skilled designers on Etsy especially help you to find them.
I must say add that, I am no way linked to any of these shops and there is no affiliate between us.