By Liligance 09/13/2022

Everything you need to know about birdcage veils

While veils aren't necessarily is a must for your bridal look they are still such a great way to complete your dress and define your looks outline.

When we say veil most of us instantly think of tulle cascading over bride's shoulders probably sweeping the floor. Although there are veils that shorter and more casual looking than a floor length veil which are birdcage veils.


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birdcage veil

Birdcage veil is a short veil that only covers your face or a part of your face like eyes only. It sits with a comb on top of your crown area and when it sits it resembles a birdcage so this is where its name comes from.

 Birdcage veil with glass bead embellishments

This modern bubble shaped birdcage veil is both playful and elegant. Whether you're wearing your hair a chic chignon bun or have a short bob, this sophisticated mini veil will definitely make a statement.

mini bubble veil

This birdcage veil has everything! Teardrop shaped fascinator covered with ivory satin fabric, sea shell like embellishment with rhinestones, pearls and seed beads. Hand shaped base sits to your head nicely. Such an elegant look.

Birdcage veil fascinator hat ivory

  There's no rule that says your wedding veil has to be white. This ivory bridal hat is hand formed into shape, the edge is wired and has both pearls scattered on top of it and a lovely flower. The hat Daisy comes with a birdcage veil attached to it.

Ivory fascinator hat

Inspired from 60's wide headband style this headband veil upgrade a simple white headband with glass bead embellished lace. Headband isn't your ordinary headband, it is made from scratch according to millinery techniques and covered both inside and outside with satin fabric to luxurious feel.

Stiffened tulle is preferred at this design to make birdcage veil keep its shape.

headband birdcage veil

So, now you know everything about birdcage veils!

I'm sure you are now thinking about an excuse to include birdcage veils to your bridal look! 

simple birdcage veil

If you are more of a classical bride but want to add a splash of sparkle to your look this birdcage veil with scalloped edged embellish with tiny glass beads may be the one for you!

Simple Birdcage Veil

This birdcage veil has just a simple yet elegant look, made with illusion tulle.

Modern bubble mini birdcage veil 

Birdcage veil fascinator hat

Birdcage veil with hat

Headband birdcage veil

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What is a birdcage veil?


Birdcage veils are generally made from a fabric referred as Russian net or French net which is a fabric looks like a fishing net with big holes. Nowadays it is possible to see birdcage veils made from different fabrics like tulle, organza or lace.

Even though birdcage veils have this vintage vibe there are also modern styles available to incorporate your city bride look.



What are the types of birdcage veils?


It is possible to categorize birdcage veils according to their lengths, embellishments, styles and attachments.

According to lengths 3 categories, covering all your face, covering just above your lips and covering just your eyes.

We need to mention a style which called other than birdcage, bandeau veil, it actually look like a bandage only over your both eyes and sits with small combs or hair pins both of your head sides.

You can find many different embellishments for birdcage veils just like standart tulle veils, pearls, rhinestones, flower petals and lace generally used materials to embellish birdcage veils.

Styles are divided into 2 vintage and modern.

Lastly, attachments. Birdcage veils can come as attached to a headpiece, headband or a beautifully decorated embellishment. Embellishment can be a flower or a shaped with  various beads sewn onto it.