By Liligance 08/011/2022

Stylish Bridal Cover-Ups for Your Winter Wedding

You are planning a winter wedding and searching for something to keep your warm and complete your wedding dress. Not sure what kind of cover-up you look for? There are a lot of options; jackets,capes,shawls and so on.. I've made the research for you!
I must mention, there is no affiliate links. These examples of beautiful cover-ups are all end results of my own research and professional view.

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Bridesmaids wedding capalet

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Bridal Faux Fur Wrap

Since this will be a winter wedding, there will be some challenges because of the chill weather outside. Even though you decide to take your outside wedding photo-shoot during another season, you will be outside during your travel from one place to another during the wedding day so you should definetly consider to invest on a cover-up matching with your bridal look.

Cozy and Warm Cover-Up Options for Fall or Winter Wedding

Faux Fur Wrap| Ornate Bridal Studio on Etsy

Don't forget your bridesmaids! Choose matching cover-ups for your bridal party with yours so that you have divine looking photos at the end.

Bridesmaids Capalets| Orlingbury on Etsy

Elegant and sophisticated faux fur shawls are great replacement of real furs with luxurious feeling.

 Ivory white fur shawl

Ivory White Faux Fur | Sissly Designs

You can choose a wrap which matches the color of your dress.

Blush beige fur shawl

Beige Faux Fur | Sissly Designs

Darker the color you choose of the fur more highlight it will give to your dress. Choose lighter colors for softer looks or if you like more contrast prefer darker furs.

Winter faux fur cape
sage green knitted wedding shawl

With this beautifully unique hooded faux cape, you will feel like a winter queen. Beside this divine look, you feel warm and cozy during chill weather outside.

Crochet and knitted shrugs are another warm and cozy option. They will add more texture and subtle color to your overall bridal look.

Corchet Ivory Shrug| MODA crochet on Etsy

Crochet ivory bridal shawl

Faux Fur Cape |Ornate Bridal on Etsy

Sage Shawl| Gloves and Mittens on Etsy

If you choose a knitted or crocheted cover, your color options are so much wider than the faux furs.

Bridal coat felted wedding coat

Wool wedding jacket| Felt In Dress on Etsy

Warm elegant bridal white felted wool fall or winter wedding coat. Warm wedding coat is prefect for cold or cool weather.

wedding winter capalet

Bridesmaids Capalets| Orlingbury on Etsy

Another beautiful example of bridesmaids or flower girl capalet. These capalet will keep your girls warm and cozy during chill season weddings.

white wedding sweater

Cashmere Sweater| Inna Heuer on Etsy

A sweater like this, unconventional but such soft and sweet idea! They are also versatile, suitable with every type of wedding dress and after wedding you can easily wear them in your daily life as well.

What Options do You Have as Cover-Up Best for Winter?

  • Bridal Jackets
    They have more classical look in general. They are made of wool so best for real cool weathers. They came with various shapes styles and even colors.
  • Faux Fur Wraps
    They are made of faux fur to imitate the look of real fur and they are very good at it. Lining can be satin or fleece best to check before buy one cos satin can be slippery best to keep in mind. Best for a December wedding with a snowy background.
  • Capes,Cloaks
    If you are a winter fairy queen inside, this option is pefect for you! With this accessory your photos will be truly magical.
  • Shawls
    Shawls are the fabrics you wrap around your shoulders in general definition. They come in various shapes and fabrics. I especially recommend crocheted or knitted ones cos they add such a soft texture to your look and you feel warm and cosy in them. If you aren't a experienced shawl wearer in general I recommend you to choose the ones already have a ribbon to tie around your shoulder cos shawls can be tricky, you can feel the urge to check it and fix it all time .
  • Boleros,Cardigans, Capalets, Sweaters
    These come in crocheted or knitted form in general and they are easy to carry around then shawls. They are made of softest and lightest variation of wool yarns. If you like to have different color options you will have many. Since these are probably the some pieces you use in your daily life, you can continue to wear them after the wedding.

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Teardrop shaped fascinator with birdcage veil
Pearl wedding hair comb

Isabelle Fascinator with Birdcage Veil

Ida Beaded Hair Comb

Teardrop shape Ivory wedding fascinator hat with birdcage veil

Aubrey Ivory Fascinator with Birdcage Veil